Our Products

Tipperary Co-op is a major manufacturer and exporter of butter. Our butter manufacturing facilities
are among the most modern in Europe, capable of manufacturing unsalted, lactic (using the Nizo
method) salted and unsalted sweet-cream butter to the most exacting quality standards in a variety
of packaging options.
Most of Tipperary’s butter production is in the form of unsalted lactic butter, which is sold to
consumer markets across Europe.
Our Emmental Cheese range is manufactured from milk supplied by our farmers from cows fed on
fresh green pastures. It is free from artifi cial fl avours or additives. Natural curdling serves to trap
all the nutrients, proteins, butterfat and vitamins. After brining, the cheese is ripened at controlled
temperatures, achieving the characteristic smooth ivory texture, shiny, round eyes and sweet nutty
flavour. A firm favourite on cheese boards, recipes and menus on two continents its outstanding
cooking and melting qualities are unequalled. Ideal for pizza, lasagne, rolls, fondue, toasted
sandwiches, soups and salads.
Cheese Products
We also have a variety of cheese products instore which you can sample. They are Red and White
cheddar, Smoked gouda, gouda, grated emmental and processed block cheese.
Our cream is also a fresh product with a rich texture and you will fi nd unrivalled by any other.
It compliments our fresh strawberries or apple tarts for that nice well deserved treat.